Tonspion (i.e. „sound spy“) is the biggest music blog in Germany and was created in 1999 in Berlin by musician Udo Raaf. Today Tonspion reaches more than 350.000 music fans every month in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with good music and daily content about (digital) lifestyle. – the first music blog in Germany

Tonspion is one of the biggest editorial music blogs in Germany with verified reach. Tonspion is targeting young adult music fans from 18 to 49 who are open for new music, open for all genres and who consider music to be more than just background noise.


Tonspion is the biggest music blog in Germany!

Unique User: 200.000 / Month

Newsletter Subscribers: 15 000

Social Media Follower: 35 000


Tonspion reaches mostly music fans which search for music online.

Male:Female ratio: 75:25

Age groups: 18-49 (85%), 30-49 (50%)

Education: 80 percent with higher education

In Job: 62 percent

Musicians/DJs: 41%

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Tonspion is one of the most visible editorial music sites in Google Germany.

Tonspion is frequently ranked on top positions for the search terms „artistname download“, „concerts in Germany“, „Festivals Germany“, and many more.

Source: Sistrix


„Tonspion came along with a pioneering concept.“
(Financial Times Germany)

„One of the most appealing adresses for quite a few years now is“

„Tonspion successfully created the blueprint for a new music medium.“
(FM4 Radio / ORF)

„Among the various websites presenting legal MP3s, Tonspion, with its great selection of music, is clearly leading the way. Absolutely recommended!“



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